The file uploader

the file uploader
the file uploader

Uppy is brought to you by the people behind Transloadit and as such will have first class support for adding their uploading and encoding backend, but this is opt-in, and you can just as easily roll your own.
Design Goals:
Lightweight / easy on dependencies
ES6, with transpiled ES5 versions available
Usable as a bundle straight from a CDN, as well as a module to import
Resumable file uploads via the open tus standard
Robust: retries for all-the-things, avoid showing ‘weird errors’
Themable UI with a beautiful default
i18n support: Easily switch languages or supply your own copy
Compatible with React (Native)
Works great on mobile
Small core, modular architecture. Everything is a plugin
Works great with Transloadit. Works great without
Offering sugared shortcuts for novice users (presets)

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